The whole class should work on the problem and make a joint subject report which offers a thorough explanation of

  • how the class has worked with the problems
  • what challenges you have encountered and how you solved them
  • what results you have reached


We can find ellipses both in nature and culture.

  1. Present examples of ellipses - for example in nature or culture - three in total.
  2. Create a decorative elliptical object for the exhibition.
    Document the process with images.


Make a presentation where the audience will get an insight into the inquiry based work both with the report and the exhibition. The presentation shall be performed in such a way that it can awaken the interest of a mixed audience.

NB. Pay careful attention to the assessment criteria for the task before you start the investigation.

NMCC Assesment Criteria for Investigation 2022-23


Investigation 2022-23

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Ellipses can be made in different ways.
They can be drawn both by paper and pencil and different physical and digital tools.

  1. Give a brief explanation of the properties of ellipses.
  2. Investigate different methods of making ellipses and give a rationale for how each method meet the properties of ellipses.