Nordic Math Class Competition

In the five Nordic Countries there are Math competitions for students of age 14-15.

The competitions are for whole classes:

  • in Iceland and Norway 9th grade,
  • and in Denmark, Finland and Sweden 8th grade.


The competitions are named


Nordisk Matematikkonkurrence in Denmark - supported by Undervisningsminesteriet


MatCup in Finland - supported by private sponsors.


BEST in Iceland

In 2015 Iceland was not able to to carry out the competition,

and in 2016 they had to lay down their competition.

We still hope they will come back.


UngeAbel in Norway - supported by Abelfondet and National Centre for Math Education


SigmaÅtta in Sweden - supported by Utbildningsdepartementet


The winners in each country represent the nation in Nordic Math Class Competition


This class competition has been going on in the Nordic countiues as a collaborative since 2004.


The first Nordic final was held at ICME 10 in Copengahagen, July 2004.

The five (at the time four) Nordic countries are in turn host for the event.


Arrangement group











Lene Christensen

Kirsten Søs Spahn

Lars Burman

Harry Mitts

Astrid Bondø

Svein H. Torkildsen

Bengt Åhlander