Investigation 2018-19


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The pictures presents star number 1 and number 4 of a star figure which can be extended without limits.



Star 1

Star 4

The figures are made of «pearls» children often use to make different figures and patterns.

Investigate the relationship between the figure number and the number of “pearls” required to make each figure.

  • Investigate and solve this problem in as many ways as you can.
  • Compare and contrast the different solutions.

- What are the similarities and the differences?



Pay careful attention to the assessment criteria for the task before you start the investigation.


A Subject Report

The whole class should work on the problem and make a joint subject report, which offers a thorough explanation of how the class has worked with the questions and what results you have reached.


B Exhibition

Show different ways to make regular stars. Make a colourful presentation of your work.


C Presentation

Make a presentation where the audience will get an insight into the way you have worked

with A and B, in such a way that it can awaken the interest for mathematics of other young people.