Nordic Math Class Competition


The winners in the naional competitions in each of the Nordic countrys represent the nation in Nordic Math Class Competition.


The competiton consists of three parts:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Exhibition
  3. Performance


The pictures to the right showes the teams working on the problems in Copenhagen 2017.


You will also see a picture of the audience With the two judges - Lars Burman and Kirsten Søs Spahn - in front.


A problem from NMCC final 2017


A strange bank account


In Nordic Bank it is only possible to insert 6 €

or withdraw 11 € every time you go to the bank.



Alice first inserts 6 €, then another 6 €, and yet another 6 €.

Next time she withdraws 11 €.

She then has 7 € on the account.


Now you have to investigate


  1. Which other amounts is it possible for Alice to have in her account?


  1. Which amounts could Alice have in an account where it is only

possible to insert 6 € and to withdraw 14 €?




Redaktør Svein H. Torkildsen

The Norwegian team and their teacher, Copenhagen 2017