Nordic Math Class Competition


The winners in the national competitions in each of the Nordic countrys represent the nation in Nordic Math Class Competition.


The competiton consists of three parts:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Exhibition
  3. Performance



The invesitgation for 2017-18 is launched.

Wisit the page named INVESTIGATION.


A problem from NMCC final 2017


A strange bank account


In Nordic Bank it is only possible to insert 6 €

or withdraw 11 € every time you go to the bank.



Alice first inserts 6 €, then another 6 €, and yet another 6 €.

Next time she withdraws 11 €.

She then has 7 € on the account.


Now you have to investigate


  • Which other amounts is it possible for Alice to have in her account?
  • Which amounts could Alice have in an account where it is only possible to insert 6 € and to withdraw 14 €?




Redaktør Svein H. Torkildsen


The Norwegian team and their teacher, Copenhagen 2017

The pictures showes the teams working on the problems in Copenhagen 2017.


You will also see a picture of the audience with the two judges - Lars Burman and Kirsten Søs Spahn - in front.